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Kaitlyn♚1-23-95 ♚USA
Bias List
I am a 19 year old college student
who enjoys making gifs, kpop, and some jpop.
I consider myself a Baby, BBC, Everlasting, Sunshiner, Inspirit, Say A, Shawol, Mercury, H:LLЁR, Cutie, LAVELY, and ST☆RLIGHT. I like Perfume, Dempagumi, and Momusu.

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Water’s Gettin’ Too Hot - Talkfine

you are my life right now
i can’t remember how
i ever did it without you
i’ll be thinking about you today


I’m on my way, I’ll go and be there first
At first they all tut at us saying we’re foolish
Cover my ears and sing
Full of fighting

Sing, sing, sing together
We hit the jackpot baby

Lalala lalala lalala lalalala lalala lalala
We hit it Ja Ja Ja Jackpot
Lalala lalala lalala lalalala lalala lalala